New Archos A5S and A5H Android mini-tablets outted by FCC

August 26, 2009 8:20 AM EDT

While I have to admit to an overwhelming curiosity about Apple's next-generation of iPod Touch devices, I can't help but look at what Archos is doing in the tablet space.  On September 9th, Apple will release this years round of iPods but a few days later, on September 15th, Archos will unveil bigger five-inch mini tablets with 3G access as well. 

If Apple doesn't release a mini-tablet, some people in the market for this type of device might head over to Archos.

Archos is, after all, the pioneer of the MID and their moving to Android only serves to make their products more sought after.  The Chrome browser will allow first class web browsing as well as a Webkit compatibility.   The Android Store will give these devices access many useful applications as well.

The killer app for this device however, might be Skype - if the devices end up with a solid 3G radio.

Engagdet picked up a "treasure trove of information about its new A5S (model 7501) Internet Media Tablet and a whisper of the A5H (model 7502)" to come from an FCC filing. Here's a few unpolished images:

Competitors in this field will include the Maemo powered Nokia N900, the ZuneHD as well as whatever Apple trots out.

September will be an exciting month for those interested in tablet computing.