Richi Jennings
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Microsoft Kinect in the enterprise: Not just for gaming

June 16, 2011 3:34 PM EDT

By Richi Jennings. June 16, 2011.

Microsoft Kinect Today, Microsoft is releasing its Windows SDK for Kinect -- its webcam-style, 3D, motion-sensing input gizmo. Originally sold as an Xbox 360 peripheral, Kinect is now getting people excited by its potential to change the way business users interact with PCs. Seriously, Richi? A gaming peripheral? Yes, I'm serious; take a look, in The Long View...

Almost as soon as Microsoft unveiled what was first known as Project Natal, user interface researchers have been drooling over the potential of Kinect. When they first got their hands on the finished device, they quickly realized that, despite Microsoft's reputation, it was surprisingly easy to reverse engineer the protocol. It plugs into a PC via USB; the commands and responses were fairly simple to work out.

It was inexpensive and had some very sophisticated capabilities. Since then, imaginations have run riot all over the world. Some of these ideas point to new and exciting ways to work with PCs -- not for gaming, but for business. Read on...

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