Richi Jennings
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Socially engineered attacks on business bank accounts

November 08, 2011 12:55 PM EST

By (@richi ) - November 8, 2011.

$100 Benjamin Your business banking account is under threat from scammers posing as your bank. Yes, we've all heard of phishing, but this is different. Modern protections against bogus online bank transactions mean that fraudsters may only have part of the information they need to steal your money. Read on to discover how they get the remainder, in The Long View...

You've probably heard of the phone-based malware scams that have been doing the rounds for a few years. In a typical scenario, the victim gets a phone call from a call center pretending to be Microsoft. The fraudster goes on to remotely control the victim's PC and install malware; finally demanding payment to remove the malware.

The video below shows a typical scam in progress (no PCs were harmed in the making of this video: the "victim" is leading the "fraudster" on)...

(I say "fraudster," but in at least some cases, the call center operative isn't in on the scam -- they may be innocently following what appears to be a legitimate script.)

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