Richi Jennings

Hard-core porn in Google+ -- Google asleep at the switch

January 26, 2012 6:38 AM EST

Hey! Google! Wake up! Porn spammers are running rampant over your social networking baby. Reporting them seems to have no effect. Please get a grip.
(by @richi )

It's now clear that the Google+ social network is an absolute key part of Google's integrated strategy. To that end, the company has previously been criticized for its heavy-handed approach to policy enforcement -- particularly in the so-called nymwars, where it's banned several accounts the use pseudonyms.

However, Google now seems to be ignoring the problem of sexually explicit material. It started with repetitive spamming of innocent-looking links to porn sites. It soon escalated to marginally-safe-for-work images, such as barely-clad women in provocative poses.

However, over the past few days, I'm now seeing countless hard-core pornographic images. And I'm no prude: I use the phrase "hard-core" advisedly -- some of these pictures would actually be illegal in places such as the UK.

Needless to say, this continual stream of porno spam is contrary to Google's Content Policy, but abuse reports seem to go unheeded. What's the point of reporting the abuse if Google's asleep at the switch?

I'm not about to link to any spammy or pornographic profiles, but if Google people want to investigate, they can check out the stream of abuse reports I've recently made, or contact me for more details.

My Google+ account is richij -- you should follow me!

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