Mark Hall

A Good BI SaaS

By Mark Hall
August 05, 2008 10:00 AM EDT

Roman Stanek's theory is that growing, mid-size businesses need intelligence just like the big operations do. The problem he says is that BI technology is too expensive to buy, too complex to set up and too much of both to maintain. That's why he wants you to rent a BI system from him.

Stanek is the CEO of Good Data Corp. of Cambridge, Mass., which is now in beta with its BI software as a service. You upload your data to the service and Good Data builds your data warehouse ready to query.

According to Stanek, Good Data's software immediately starts determining attributes in your data and discovers the hierarchies and relationships among the data and creates your data warehouse automatically.

End users query the data with natural language words, phrases, sentences and the like. The service translates the user's request into a SQL expression. Stanek claims response time "is in seconds."

Currently, Good Data uses's E2 cloud computing service for processing, so Stanek contends scaling will not be a problem even for companies with big BI plans. And, unless Good Data's value turns BI into a mission-critical application for you, Amazon's occasional service outages won't be much of a problem.

Good Data's BI service should leave beta in Q1 next year, which is when pricing will be set. But you can give the beta a work out now. It's free.