Eric Lai

Before Seinfeld and Microsoft, other celebrity computer commercials

By Eric Lai
August 22, 2008 2:57 AM EDT

Just in time for Friday, the Global Nerdy blog has done some extensive YouTube research and dug up a treasure trove of TV tech commercials featuring tech celebrity endorsers, similar to the one Jerry Seinfeld will be playing in all of those imminent Windows ads.

They include:

Captain Kirk pushing the Commodore Vic-20;

Bill Cosby endorsing the Texas Instruments TI 99/4;

Friends' actors Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston hawking Windows 95;

Singer Gwen Stefani using the word "mashup" while talking up HP PCs;

At least a dozen Compaq ads with John Cleese making Monty Python-esque joke;

The other captain of the Starship Enterprise, Patrick Stewart, along with Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler and others pretending to play a Nintendo DS;

Those classic Microsoft UK training videos starring Ricky Gervais in character as the manager from the original The Office;

And that other Star Trek captain, Sisko (actor Avery Brooks), in those moody IBM ads they always show during sporting events.

"This PC is made out of 386 chips and 32 bits of a bus!"



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