Alex Scoble

Blue laser diode shortage making Microsoft Xbox team look like geniuses

By Alex Scoble
August 30, 2006 10:14 PM EDT
When the XBox 360 was released without HD-DVD built in last year, I think a lot of people were scratching their heads as to why.

I think they can stop with the digitation of their craniums.

It appears as though there's a shortage of the blue laser diodes that are needed for both Bluray and HD-DVD. I guess that Nichia, the company that makes 80% of the world's blue laser diodes is having problems getting the yield rates up.

This is causing Sony to disrupt the supply chain of the diodes headed to BluRay manufacturers so that they can crank out enough PS3s to meet demand when they are released.

Yet another example of how Sony's insistence that BluRay be in the PS3 at launch is really going to hurt them.

As the holiday season approaches and they continue to have problems getting the systems out the door with enough games to meet the demand, that will just spur more people to buy the readily available Xbox 360 instead.

Oh and for those people who think that including BluRay will give them a significant benefit to their gaming experience, guess again. While the discs do in fact hold more data, their read/write speeds are still only marginally faster than current DVD players.

So while you can fit a lot more content onto a BluRay or HD-DVD disc, it still takes just as long to do anything with it.

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