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In a world where Google fixes Chrome...

By John Brandon
September 04, 2008 1:00 AM EDT
I had an interesting thing happen on my way to clicking the Calendar Gmail...while using Google Chrome... to set up a meeting today. (That might seem like a long journey, but it really only took .5 seconds.)

I thought, wouldn't it be cool if the button was integrated into Gmail itself somehow? And, by that, I don't mean 1) a text link at the top of the screen, or 2) a meeting invite (which only integrates after I set up the meeting), or 3) iGoogle (aka, "I want to be FaceBook but I'm not").

So, integrated, as in: when the thought crosses my mind to set up a meeting, I'd like to just click a date in Gmail and have that pop up a simple meeting invite screen where I can remind myself and invite people without leaving Gmail.

And then I had the further brainstorm: why in the world doesn't Google Chrome have this kind of integration? I will defer the question of a possible monopoly to other bloggers, but there's no reason why a browser that lets you visit any Web site can't also integrate the vast collection of Web tools from the company who made said browser.

That led to some additional ruminations about some of the ways that Google should start fixing Chrome over the next few weeks and months.

(The following is partly a tribute to Don LaFontaine, the voice over king for movie trailers, who died yesterday. Be sure you check out this Washington Post tribute along the same lines.)

1. In a world where Google owns the browser and the OS is long-forgotten, you should be able to right-click any link anywhere at any time on any site and send it as an e-mail attachment.

2. In a world where marketing types have figured out umpteen ways to interrupt my browsing solstice with "interspacial" (sounds ominous, doesn't it?) ads and pop-over monoliths of destruction that aren't really pop-ups at all, Chrome should be able to easily block all of them, especially since Google knows advertising so well.

3. In a world where a desktop crash is more predictable than the Republican National Convention, a browser should be much more crash-proof especially when it is running on a legacy OS like Windows XP.

4. In a world where Vista has not exactly become the stable successor to a relatively useable legacy OS like Windows XP, Chrome really should not run perfectly fine for long periods of time.

5. In a world where a hacker can break into your WEP key at Starbucks while he talks on the phone, eats a multigrain roll and plays Crysis all at the same time, Chrome should not be capturing and archiving any of my private information so that the hacker can steal even more of my credit card digits.

6. In a world where Google has pretty much pounced on Microsoft and IE is slowly dying, Chrome actually seems like a really amazing new product, perhaps software of the year?

If you can think of more, be sure to post in comments -- but don't forget to use the "in a world" phrase.



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