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The Larry Ellison backlash heats up, as Oracle gets cloudy

June 08, 2012 5:25 AM EDT

Larry Ellison, 'outspoken' CEO of Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) may have gone too far this time. After his latest round of hyperbole-fueled competitor-bashing, bloggers and analysts seem to have had enough. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wish Ellison would get real.
Larry Ellison (Oracle)  
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Chris Kanaracus reports:

Ellison's proclamation of Oracle's newfound cloud prowess...stood in stark contrast to his past mockery of cloud computing as..."gibberish".
"We made a decision to rebuild all of our applications for the cloud almost seven years ago," Ellison said...[and] engage[d] in some of his traditional competitive trash talk. ... SAP won't have anything "for real" in the cloud until 2020, Ellison claimed.    M0RE

But Bob McMillan spots some social-media irony:

Ellison started using Twitter [Wednesday]. So far...he’s launched a grand total of one tweet...a bit of a letdown for those who were hoping for a few zingers.
Oracle also sells software to marketing and HR departments, who increasingly care about what’s happening in social networks. ... [Ellison] demonstrated how Oracle’s software could integrate with marketing campaigns on social media websites.    M0RE

And Frank Scavo is scathing:

Ellison's inability to resist slamming the competition led him to overstate what Oracle has actually delivered. ... Nearly everything presented had previously been presented. ... I can only come up with two things that are new:
Oracle Fusion cloud applications and services in addition to those  announced during Open World ...[and] social marketing functionality from its Vitrue acquisition.
But some of us have a long memory. ... Oracle has not been working on cloud [until] the past year or two, as [competitors] began eating Oracle's lunch. ... Ellison's mockery of SAP is simply unfair and inaccurate. ... Can Ellison point to any cloud competitor that has told its customers "not to worry about security?"
Oracle has fallen into a pattern...of overstating its successes, misrepresenting its competitors, and touting statements-of-direction as accomplishments. ... I hope that, in the future, Oracle will take a more understated approach.    M0RE

Denis Pombriant goes all Shakespearean on us:

Mixing metaphors and technology...Larry Ellison further defined Oracle’s vision for cloud computing. ... Methinks the man protests too much.
[It] amounts to...a Manhattan Project to pull [Oracle's] bacon out of the fire because [it] left [its] business model to stagnate for too long. ... [It was] a set of checkboxes with “me too” written all over them.
But what’s missing is telling. ... [It] still lacks vision.    M0RE

So Dennis Howlett sums up the feeling:

Those of us who follow the antics of CEOs in Silicon Valley like nothing better than a slugfest. ... Ellison spoiled the pitch by making [false] statements about of those can [not] cross without becoming a parody of yourself.
There comes a point in any song and dance act where the music stops.    M0RE

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Canadian cricket-celebration crock 

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