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Free LogMeIn alternatives -- Review roundup

January 23, 2014 6:14 AM EST

LogMeIn Free alternative review
Mishandled pivot from freemium model alienates users.

LogMeIn told free users this week they're not welcome. With just seven days to find an alternative to LogMeIn free, users are ready to LogMeOut. Time for one of Richi's review roundups.

Can you spell PR disaster? Even paid users are rethinking future use of the service. Thanks to the company's poor handling of the situation, users are worried that LogMeIn is not long for this world.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder LogMeIn's financial stability, as competitors rub their hands with glee.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

As ever, Gregg Keizer rules, dude: [You're fired -Ed.]

Angry users of LogMeIn's free remote access service lashed the company for giving them...a week's warning that their plugs would be pulled. ... Users will have seven days from the day they next use LogMeIn to pay up.
LogMeIn's least-expensive paid plan costs $99 annually [for] access to only two computers. ... Numerous users...who stormed LogMeIn's discussion groups...said that they would switch.
LogMeIn did not reply to a request for comment...including a question asking why it is using [only] a seven-day grace period.  MORE

Darien Graham-Smith hyphenates to accumulate:

Us free users don’t get a sunset period so much as an abrupt flicking off of the lights. ... I’m left looking for a properly free alternative to LogMeIn.
TeamViewer...feels at least as smooth as LogMeIn, with support for Windows, OS X and Linux. ... The catch is that [it] doesn’t permit you to use its free service for commercial purposes. ... RemotePC runs on Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems...and there’s no restriction on using the free service for work. ... The catch is that a free account only lets you connect to a single computer. ... .  MORE

Marte Brengle will tutorialize for food:

There are some nice security measures built into TeamViewer, although I wish their explanation was a little more clear. ... I really appreciated the speed and the ease of scrolling and moving around on the screen. ... It worked better than LogMeIn.
There is also a Google Chrome addon that provides remote control access. ... It’s easy to install from the Chrome Web Store and its use is very straightforward and smooth...and has plenty of options.  MORE

Demetrius Crasto adds two more candidates:

Mikogo...promises high quality desktop sharing between computers running...Windows, Mac or Linux. ... [It can] share your screen with as many as 25 other users [which] comes in handy for making presentations. ... It lets you obtain remote access to a connected computer’s keyboard and mouse.
You may find remotepc pretty helpful. ... You can remotely access a PC from iOS-based devices.  MORE

And Rob Tabberer lives near The Queen:

Bad move. ... I've been using LogMeIn (free and paid for varieties) for at least 8 years. Now I need to move my personal computers to another service (and business related machines will follow).
Looks like LogMeIn is in serious financial trouble.  MORE

But be Pete Coventry trolling?

I have no problem with my paid LMI service now all the leeches have left- it's win win.  MORE

Meanwhile, Ard Collier listens 'ard:

That sound is parental tech support reps everywhere imploding at their desks.  MORE

  Your humble blogwatcher thanks Stephen Glasskeys for admirably filling in for the past week.

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