Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative gains support

By Douglas Schweitzer
July 22, 2008 6:39 AM EDT
Not many of us like to pay more taxes, but most of us do enjoy feeling safer. Apparently, the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative - known also as CNCI and Cyber Initiative - will accomplish both if it goes through. According to Walter Pincus' piece "Cybersecurity Will Take A Big Bite of the Budget"  I read at the, President Bush is requesting funding for the Cyber Initiative as part of the 2009 intelligence budget.

Although explicit details have not been released, the expectation is that the multibillion dollar CNCI will enable the US to more effectively secure government computer systems against intruders in a proactive manner, rather than reacting to intrusions after the fact. It is anticipated that the government will be working with the private sector more so than ever before - and for that reason I'm glad that an oversight panel of lawmakers and private sector representatives has been recommended.

As not only government systems have experienced more frequent intrusions, it's a good thing private establishments are expected to reap some added protection, as well.  Says Pincus, "Any initial plan can later be expanded to cover sensitive civilian systems to protect financial, commercial and other vital infrastructure data."  According to the article, over 90 percent of the funds requested have been approved.