Evan Koblentz

Dozens of computer pioneer videos now online

By Evan Koblentz
December 20, 2007 12:18 AM EST

Dozens of videos of recent speeches by pioneers of the computer industry are now on YouTube, thanks to the Computer History Museum, the Mountain View, Calif. organization announced this week.

Many of the CHM's videos already were on its own site, but they partnered with YouTube because of bandwidth issues. An important side effect is that YouTube can bring scores of new viewers who otherwise wouldn't seek out the CHM resources.

In addition to the YouTube videos, there are high-resolution versions and additional videos still available directly from the CHM.

Nothing beats visiting the CHM in person. I've been there four times and there are always new and exciting exhibits, particularly in the "visible storage" warehouse and in system restoration rooms. But I live on the east coast, so attending their lectures is impossible. Video is the next-best option.