Confounded by Twitter? New Wall Tweet Journal to guide users

By Heather Havenstein
April 02, 2008 3:45 PM EDT

Britain’s No: 10 Downing Street began using Twitter in the past week to provide updates on the prime minister’s schedule and answer questions. Sen. Hillary Clinton used Twitter to issue a bowling challenge to rival Sen. Barack Obama recently, while others have used Twitter to provide real-time updates on tornadoes as they happen.

Twitter all but dominated the news of the recent South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, when attendees used the mobile social networking tool to organize a crowd revolt during a keynote and to help change the focus of other conference talks to topics that interested them.

Twitter, which allows users to interact with short 140-character messages sometimes called microblogs, was once the exclusive domain of the digerati crowd, but now seems to be emerging to appeal to a wider group of users. A wide variety of tools have emerged to allow users to better follow the conversations happening on Twitter, and a new online magazine set to launch next month will be aimed at helping to guide users through the Twitter landscape.

The Wall Tweet Journal was created by Martin Diano, managing partner at PR agency Martin Diano Agency LLC, who says the mission of the new “Twitterzine” will be “to deliver high-value informational content to a growing number of bloggers who want to benefit by learning and putting into place the best Web 2.0 strategies, tools and techniques.”

  • The Twitterzine will carry several features, including:
  • Twoogle - a Twitter-specific custom search engine
  • Heard on the Tweet - News of interest to Twitter users worldwide
  • Twitterati - Personality profiles of Twitter fans from around the world.
  • Tweet Me Up - Informational and instructional content to help new Twitter users maximize Twitter and related social media.
  • Tweetroll - Links to Twitter-related websites, blogs and wikis.