For spammers, no one's worse than Kirsch

By Douglas Schweitzer
December 04, 2007 6:35 AM EST
Whether they agree with his priorities or not, I think most people who've heard of him have nothing other than admiration for Steven Kirsch. He's placed eliminating spam as a top priority on his current project list - ahead of surviving the cancer he was diagnosed with over the summer. According to this New York Times article, "Spam’s End? Maybe, if Time Allows", Kirsch is also focusing more on financing research into his rare type of blood cancer. Seeing that this engineer has been successful at achieving other lofty goals, I've no doubt he'll do much to advance inroads toward that cancer research as well eliminating spam. As far as eliminating spam, Kirsch's take is not unusual for forward thinking entrepreneurs - it comes from an outside-the-box thinking rationale. Unlike conventional anti-spam approaches, Kirsch advocates profiling the email recipient, not the sender. While it's far from perfected, I'm optimistic that this method will be a success.