Get a Masters Degree in...Facebook

By Mark Everett Hall
March 30, 2009 6:40 PM EDT
Remember goofy Dr. Science on the radio? He had a "masters science!" Well, now you, too, can impress your friends with a Masters Degree in Twitter, Facebook or, I suppose, your absolutely, utterly fav social networking Web site...this week.

Birmingham City University in England is actually offering a master degree program in social networking. I wonder if the professors are required to deliver 140-character Twitter-style college lectures?

Forgive me, but an MA in social networking? That's silly. Especially when the students themselves are saying it's "so basic it can be self taught" and, in fact, "most people know all this stuff already."

Sounds like this rigorous master's program is giving bunny classes a bad name.

I'm not saying social networking shouldn't be studied. It should. It's interesting, as part of an overall communications curriculum. Standalone, it's rather pretentious and overtly trendy.