John Brandon

Is interest in Google Chrome already waning?

By John Brandon
September 12, 2008 12:44 PM EDT

Chrome Trend

Is interest in Google Chrome starting to wane already? After a massive spike in searches over the past two weeks -- shown here on Google Trends -- the interest has evened out considerably down to where Firefox is normally running.(By the way, if you add the term Internet Explorer, it flatlines well below both Firefox and Chrome.)

You can see your own trend test results with this link. 

I think Lance Ulanoff got it right when he said the hype is probably unwarranted. I've already cooled on the browser, and I'm not seeing any new reports other than the few about privacy.

It's plenty fast, it is streamlined for whatever services will offer int he future, and it is relatively stable. The real issue, i think, is this: does the world need another browser? People use IE because it comes pre-installed does mostly what they need it to. Walk into an office and glance around -- you will see a lot of IE. Those who know better use Firefox because it is more stable, more secure, and faster. Where does that leave Chrome? I think as a third option for early adopters. But those who just need to get work done, who use Gmail and are too busy to mess around with bugs have probably all switched back to Firefox.

Update: While searches for Chrome have gone flat (and I think that is a good measure of hype), Techcrunch says usage is rising. I just can't help but get the feeling that we won't be talking about Chrome as much next year, it will in the same field as Opera. Meanwhile, Techcrunch also says Safari usage is also rising but I think it's the same scenario as IE: it is included with the OS and people use it until they realize there's a Firefox for Mac.