Eric Lundquist

IBM in talks to buy Sun (WSJ) turning Sun's cloud Big Blue

By Eric Lundquist
March 18, 2009 6:28 AM EDT

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Today (Wednesday, March 18), Sun was scheduled to make a big cloud computing announcement. It is looking like Sun's cloud will be colored blue. The WSJ reported early Wednesday a.m. that IBM is in talks (and like all talks, this one may be just that: talks).

If the talks turn into a marriage, here's what happens:

IBM acquires one of iconic Silicon Valley companies.

IBM acquires a really strong group of developers and engineers who have lived on the forefront of cloud computing and virtualization just as those two technologies are hitting mainstream.

IBM gets bolstered in its efforts to be seen as the open source alternative to Microsoft.

Sun gets acquired by a company that despite its huge size has shown it is good at acquisitions.

Sun gets financial underpinnings it certainly needs in this wayward economy.

Sun gets to pursue its goals of open computing, open source and cloud computing in an environment where they can also assure corporate users they will be around.

Scott McNealy gets to proven right of all those predictions about the network being the computer and he continues to improve his golf game.

IBM buying Sun?