John Brandon

Bookmark alert: Liveblogs for Sarah Palin and Joe Biden debate

By John Brandon
October 02, 2008 11:43 AM EDT

For laptop users watching the political debate tonight, you can track political coverage with several liveblogs. One advantage: livebloggers will likely do fact-checks on topics as they are discussed, and a few will provide political commentary on any gaffes or foibles that occur.

Will Sarah Palin talk about her foreign policy experience? Will Joe Biden figure out how to be brief? Have we figured out why the second-fiddle role matters so much this election? Who knows.

I can't remember a debate that has garnered so much interest in the media and with voters. There's a few of us who just want to see how the VP candidates handle tough questions, some who are wondering whether moderator Gwen Ifill will stay objective in light of the fact that she has a book coming out that features Barrack Obama, but most of us just want to see how Sarah Palin answers questions on live television as opposed to the trapdoor questions Katie Couric asked.

So, who will be liveblogging? Here's my list...

Victoria Taft will give a detailed account of the debate, pretty much capturing what they say in a sort of courthouse transcript. Who needs a television?

Dallas Morning News will have a liveblog that will include comments from seasoned pros who actually know what they're talking about.

So will ABC News liveblogger Rick Klein, who did a great job of fact-checking the last debate between McCain and Obama.

Huffington Post already has a debate page up that is part hard news and part scuttlebutt. They seem to be predicting that both VP candidates will make gaffes.

Think Progress is planning a liveblog tonight as well, promising commentary, fact-checking, and updates on any controversies that arise.

I like how the Liberty Maven liveblogging site turned into a live chat for the presidential debate and that's sure to happen again.

Examiner already has a liveblog up and running, noting when the candidates are set to arrive in St. Louis for the debate.

Gawker has a bunch of livebloggers lined up, including a guy from Portfolio Magazine and "Fox News token liberal" Peter Feld. They have a discussion group set up already and plans for some sort of multi-faceted video feed.

Of course, is there any better way to see constant updates on a debate than Twitter? It's amazing to watch a constant stock-ticker like deluge of comments. If anything, Twitter will prove that lifeblogging works.