Mark Hall

LivePower reduces data center electric bills

By Mark Hall
August 12, 2008 10:00 AM EDT

Virtualization is considered to be one of the key tools for CIOs to cut data center energy costs. More applications running on fewer servers means less electricity consumed to power and cool systems. Well, next week Virtual Iron Software Inc. in Lowell, Mass. will improve on that by releasing Virtual Iron version 4.4 with its LivePower feature.

According to Tony Asaro, chief strategy officer, LivePower uses policies you define to shut off servers completely. For example, you may have extra servers at the ready for demand peaks. Virtual Iron's management console, VI Center, monitors the workloads on those extra servers and when the workload peaks subside, VI Center uses its LiveMigrate feature to move the workloads to your main production servers and LivePower to turn the other ones off.

Tim Walsh, director of marketing, says another ideal place for LivePower is in IT's test lab, where virtualization is as common as keyboards.

Walsh also says a later release of Virtual Iron will offer support for Intel's Dynamic Power Node Manager feature scheduled for release in the Nehalem line of microprocessors by Q1 2009. By tapping into Node Manager metrics, Walsh says, Virtual Iron will be able to distinguish which servers are the least efficient in terms of power consumption and move workloads off of them as your policies dictate.

Virtual Iron estimates LivePower could cut electricity consumption by as much as 25%.

Pricing for Virtual Iron is $799 per CPU socket and includes the hypervisor, VI Center and all virtualization features.