Angela Gunn

Lose some... win some?

By Angela Gunn
July 11, 2008 4:09 AM EDT

Nothing short of total rollback is going to make the FISA situation all right with anyone fond of our Bill of Rights. Congress is not our friend this week. But in a stunning reversal of The Way Things Seemed To Be Going, it may be that the Federal Communications Commission is poised to act for the good of the Net-using public. The New York Times' "Bits" blog takes a look this morning at early reports that the FCC is poised to smack Comcast for high-handed BitTorrent-blocking behavior -- maybe fines, pretty certainly a requirement that the service provider be more forthright about their traffic-management practices, and very, very likely a win for the prospect of Net neutrality.

I agree with blogger Vindu Goel that the Law of Unintended Consequences may lead us from this point into a world of metered Net access (though I'm optimist enough to think the market will push back on that), but considering that the road to Net neutrality looked pretty heavily barricaded earlier this year, this sort of news makes a Net-using person just want to... dance!