Mark Hall

Monitoring online services: What's your CloudStatus?

By Mark Hall
August 07, 2008 10:00 AM EDT

You may avoid putting your data into's S3 cloud-based storage repository; and you also may eschew its E2 on-demand compute services. But your business partners in your supply chain or IT service suppliers may utterly depend on the cloud for their operations. Well, then, in effect, you do, too.

That's why you should take a look at a free monitoring service from Hyperic Inc. of San Franicsco. According to Jon Travis, principal engineer, CloudStatus keeps an eye on, for example, the I/O condition of your applications in Amazon's S3 storage cloud or the connectively of APIs in EC2, among other monitoring functions.

The value, says Travis, is if you have an application that depends on one of Amazon's handful of cloud-based services and there's trouble, CloudStatus can quickly let you know whether the problem is on your end or Amazon's. Just knowing that can save you signficant time during troubleshooting tasks.

Currently, IT operations are slowly mixing online services with those in the corporate data center. So, you and your business partners might not be doing so today. But as Travis observes, "It is foolish to assume people will not be moving to a hybrid environment."

Currently, CloudStatus only monitors the health of Amazon services. But Travis says next on the roadmap are services from Google, such as its AppEngine service.

And don't forget, it's free.