Richi Jennings

CES rumors and reality (and Zaphod's whitesnake)

January 05, 2006 6:22 AM EST
In today's IT Blogwatch, we look at the CES show -- rumors and reality. There's been sooo many rumors flying around about what is or isn't coming at CES in Las Vegas. So we've put together some of the key rumors 'n' news from CES day one. Not to mention the auction for the only one two-headed, albino rattlesnake in the world -- Zaphod's whitesnake? Geddit? [You're fired - Ed.]...

» We kick off with Gizmodo's insights "Old Billy McGates gave his keynote address today and there was plenty of Xbox 360 news ... The Forerunner is just about the perfect real-time distance calculator for long distance runners ... The Forerunners have also been redesigned so that the antenna wraps around the wrist, which also gives it a better shot at finding a signal ... the Sony reader that uses the display technology from E-Ink I've been hearing so much about. To give you an idea of just how good this display looks… I walked up to the counter, looked at the text on the screen and asked, 'So when will you have working units to play with?' The reply: 'This is a working reader' ... eMagin are rocking the wearable scene here at CES with the Eyebud 800. This is a single-eye personal OLED display. It straps around the head and the eyepiece flips up and down like something from a 1980s science-fiction film. But the eMagin folks are pitching it to go with the iPod video, natch ... Toshiba had a huge focus on the future of television today at their press event at CES. One of the notable additions to their television lineup was their new DLP Projection TV. A new 'scoop' design allows the size to trim down and it actually ends up being smaller than the 50” LCD version Toshiba makes ...  inno is the first portable XM2go radio with 1GB memory (says Pioneer). You can listen live, record live, and will store and play MP3 and WMA files."

» Earthling: "Rumors abound both about the show and about the tech/business world in general. On AM radio this afternoon I heard that Google might announce a new $200 computer, but Google already shot that down." [Oh darn and we did such a good post on that yesterday] "Microsoft might be trying to buy Yahoo, for something like $80 billion ... Gearlog explained how some cellphone-related rumors come about, and then threw in some rumors of its own about the sexy new cell phones ... Nintendo Revolution gaming console will incorporate virtual reality headsets ... The most boring rumor I've read is that chipmaker Nvidia will split its line between the Nvidia brand and the ULi brand."

» Ars's Nate Anderson: "Intel is expected to announce their Viiv brand (rhymes with "five") for the digital home on Thursday at CES, but AMD wants to steal their thunder by launching their own brand a few days early ... AMD Live! is the company's own shot at gaining a foothold in the connected home. The goal of the initiative (stop me if you've heard this one before) is to enable consumers to use their digital media in any room in the house ... but AMD has shown that they can compete with Intel in performance and in market share, so we'll see if they can compete with them in marketing, as well. We'll know more on Thursday, when Intel details its own plans at CES."

» Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft Watch: "The most interesting bit in Bill Gates' Consumer Electronics Show keynote (from a pure news perspective) were some of the hints dropped about forthcoming Windows Live services. Gates and his cohorts touted new phones from Philips and Uniden that will be able to be used to call buddies on Windows Live Messenger via VOIP ... There also is a Windows LiveTV Recommendations service in the works, that will allow customers to rate shows, improving their TV personalization experience over time."

» Jon, Catharsis II:  "I may be a geek, but its rare that I get at all excited about electronics fairs. But this one i think is gonna be good ... the PS3 is a tight package containing so much bleeding edge technology goodness it should explode. Powered by the Cell processor, the most innovating and powerful device to have come out of the foundries for a while ... Compatible with Linux, in fact it may well ship with a custom Sony Linux distro ... And also lots of niceties, like bluetooth Mouse/keyboard support for FPS games ... Apple may announce the release of their Intel based boxes ... An official release means official release of software to go with it, and emulators, and Wine for OSX, and all sorts of goodies that may mean i can finally ditch Windoze ... Hopefully lots of goodness, hopefully lots of goodness i can afford."

» InqMeister Mike Magee: "Today a minion of Gates showed a lot of Vista we’d never seen before and he insisted Microsoft was very excited by the OS, delivered in 2006. Customers, said a Gates’ minion, have grown to expect Microsoft Windows to be a bridge ... you can get live previews of the applications, said said minion ... A 3D space will allow you lot of consumers and users out there to see information itself, including Slidebar and Slideshow ... Microsoft is getting rid of clutter, claimed Bill’s minion ... [Gates' keynote] started late. Only 130,000 peeps attend CES, so obviously it is far smaller than CeBIT in Germany which attracts 900,000 folk."

» Mike's colleague, Charlie Demerjian says he's found, "The ultimate office terror device ... a small RC helicopter and a really small RC helicopter. The 'big' one is called the Blade Runner II, the smaller one is the Micro Mosquito. The Blade Runner is available now for $69 or so, the Mosquito has yet to launch ... In case you can't tell from the picture, these things are incredibly tiny. The Blade Runner II they had on sometimes non-static display hovered pretty well in a crowded conference hall, and never once stepped out of line ... This would be a cube farm WMD, if you buy one, send me pics of the havoc you cause."

Buffer overflow: And finally... There's only one, so bid now!
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