Curt Monash

Embedded DBMS Market Leaders

By Curt Monash
May 19, 2005 11:58 PM EDT
In my most recent column, I wrote about "embedded database" market leaders Progress Software and Intersystems. Intersystems proudly posts an IDC study apparently showing that Intersystems has #2 market share, well behind long-time leader Progress, and just ahead of Oracle, with IBM and Sybase following. That ranking is actually somewhat bogus. While most vendors split their embedded revenue among multiple products -- e.g., Progress sells a DBMS and also their 4GL runtime -- Intersystems' revenue is all ascribed to the DBMS. Even so, it's a nice showing. Also somewhat bogus is IBM's showing, because its #4 market share is made up from a bunch of different products, including some DB2, but also legacy DBMS that came in through the Informix acquisition, both in the Pick/Universe/multivalue database area and also some of the old Informix SE. Related links: