Alex Scoble

Robert Scoble on full text feeds

By Alex Scoble
February 23, 2006 12:24 AM EST
If you've read my brother's blog much in the last few years, you know how much he doesn't like partial text feeds.

Today he did another blog on why he feels that partial text feeds are bogus and why he thinks that arguments that publishers make to support using partial feeds miss the mark.

I pretty much think he's totally spot on for how the web works now. Today.

So far I've had a good relationship with my editor and others at Computerworld, but the use of partial feeds is certainly one thing that I have tried, unsuccessfully, to get them to change.

This basically goes to the heart about what a lot of people don't get about blogging or marketing in general. You can give away much of your "business knowledge" away, but people still need the critical bits, to do what they need, or your product won't succeed anyhow.

So you are better off "giving away the front door to sell the house", particularly to those who will drive interest in your product. Or you can hold on to everything in a futile attempt to maximize profits/eyeballs/clicks/whatever and be dissappointed with your results.

Geek News Central also linked to my brother on this.