Angela Gunn

Notes from the underground

By Angela Gunn
April 25, 2006 2:28 PM EDT

Security consultant Dancho Danchev has a great one-post overview of the malware underground as he sees it, with a special focus on what's doing in Russia and China -- yes, China, where Danchev suggests the collective-effort ethos hasn't even begun to show what it can do on the havoc-wreaking front. (Though Russia's still got plays to make in this game, especially if you like your mayhem with a sprinkling of mob activity and torture.)

Danchev's got lots of good links in his mini-essay and provides specifics on why 0day exploits, botnets and the like ought to be at least as interesting to economists as they are to security folk at this point. A great post to settle in with at the end of the day... as long as you're not prone to nightmares.(Hat tip to Anton Chuvakin for the link.)