C. J. Kelly

MPAA hires a hacker and gets a black eye

By C. J. Kelly
May 25, 2006 5:36 PM EDT
The Motion Picture Association of America, apparently, hired a hacker to break into the network of a company that is, supposedly, aiding and abetting the copyright violators, according to this news story.

The MPAA is stooping to a new low and I think stepping over the line.  According to the story, the MPAA sees no difference in going after the file-swapping networks and those companies who direct people to those networks.  So, if you provide a link that directs people to a tool that can be used for Internet file sharing, or if you are a big search engine company that points people in that direction, you can become the target for a lawsuit just for providing the information.

The players in this lawsuit are the MPAA and Torrentspy.com.  The MPAA is confident that the lawsuit will be settled in their favor.  While Torrentspy believes they will come out on top.  I am siding with Torrentspy, believe it or not.  When a very large organization such as the MPAA starts breaking the law to stop their own bleeding, then... they are just breaking the law and you can dump them into the same category as the rest of the law breakers.

My feelings aside, if the MPAA wins this suit, the courts will have set a dangerous precedent and it's no longer innocent until proven guilty.  It's guilty by association.