Martin MC Brown

OmniGroup reveals OmniPlan

By Martin MC Brown
July 28, 2006 1:38 PM EDT
There was a lot of buzz last week about OmniGroup and their rumoured new application. OmniGroup are well known in the Mac community for producing some wonderful Mac OS X software, including OmniWeb (browser), OmniGraffle (diagramming application) and OmniOutliner.

Their new application fills a gap in the Mac market in the form of an effective and capable Mac project planning application and is called, appropriately, OmniPlan.

It is not the first project planning application for the Mac, but OmniPlan follows the other applications in the Omni stable -- simple and easy to use with a very clean and intuitive interface. Underneath, you get a lot of cool features that you can ignore, or use, according to your requirements.

I've tried the OmniPlan beta quickly and I'm impressed so far -- although there are some elements that need a bit more in-depth examination. On the whole though, it provides a simple planning ability that in some ways I've been trying to achieve with OmniOutliner for the last few years.