Alex Scoble

Sony gets more bad PS3 press at Wired

By Alex Scoble
August 29, 2006 9:09 PM EDT
My post two weeks ago on the problems Sony is facing with the PlayStation 3 got the most response, by far, of any article i've ever written. Unfortunately, most of it was poorly written fanboy screed, but it was mildy entertaining to read people yelling stuff like "PS3 pWnZ0rs j00r sool" or "ALL UR XBOX R BELUNG 2 UZ" (and no those aren't direct quotes, I made them up just now, but you get the point).

Anyhow, I read today on my brother's site that Wired magazine has published a fairly scathing article about Sony's handling of the whole PS3 business. He also points to another blogger who feels that the PS3 is too expensive ($600 is entering 3DO territory and where is that console now?).

So it's not just me that thinks that Sony is blowing all of the goodness they built up in the gaming market over the last 11 years.

Here's another chance for the Sony and/or Microsoft fanboys to go all kneejerk again.

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