Martin McKeay

Maynor isn't the Sell Out or LMH

By Martin McKeay
July 19, 2007 11:23 AM EDT
This is starting to get just plain silly.  It turns out that the Information Security Sellout most likely isn't LMH as supposed by Cutaway on his blog Tuesday night.  But it definitely isn't David Maynor either.  There are new rumors floating around about the identity of the Sell Out, but nothing anyone is willing to commit too at this point.

The real question is not about the identity of the Sell Out, but if anyone really cares?  It makes for juicy gossip, and it's a bit fun to speculate, but the reality of the matter is, the Sell Out is gone and will be forgotten in a few days.  He's someone who made a name, fake though it is, for himself by bashing other security professionals and generally being snarky.  He had his 15 minutes of fame, and now it's over.

This whole situation reminds me of watching "The D-List" last night with my wife.  Kathy Griffin admittedly will do almost anything for a few more moments of fame.  Sound familiar?  Getting recognized for your talent and skills is hard work, while getting attention for theatrics and tearing down others is fairly easy.  And I hate the fact that by writing this I'm feeding into the whole frenzy of coverage.

The Sell Out has had his fun, but when people started to get close to his real identity, it looks like he panicked and wiped his entire site.  Cutway may not have gotten the right information, but it looks like he was looking in the right direction.  The Sell Out's real identity will be revealed, and I'm betting it'll be sooner rather than later.  Was a short run at being the security blogosphere's muck raker worth having to worry about having your job?  Remember, what happens on the 'Net is there forever.