MySpace gives the boot to 29,000 sex offenders

July 25, 2007 10:29 AM EDT

Looks like MySpace has kicked off 29,000 convicted sex offenders.  I applaud this move, but I hate that the cynic (or maybe realist) in me views it as a wasted effort, and more likely just a PR move.  Seriously, how difficult is it to create a MySpace account using a fake name and a random hotmail or gmail account?  Answer: it isn't.  So while this may get some of them off, it is not in the long run a solution.


Web 2.0 is dangerous in many ways.  I view it as a necessary step in the evolution of the Internet, but it is also creating a backlash because it leads to so many security problems, and not just information security problems.  What's the answer?  In this case, parents are the answer.  It can be said that you take risks just walking down the street, and the Internet is no different.  But I don't allow my kids to walk on the street unescorted.  In the same way, I don't let my kids surf around the Internet without knowing what they are doing.