Eric Lundquist

Review: Facebook's new homepage

By Eric Lundquist
March 04, 2009 7:06 PM EST

Facebook grew faster than its design. Now the company is trying to address that with their new homepage design. I think they've hit an in the park home run on this one. Here's why.

1. Filters. As your Facebook community grows you start to realize two things: You want to be able to filter incoming information by family, friends and business contacts. You want to filter the outbound information the same way. Filters help with the inbound flow. 

2. Streams.This is the real time companion to filters. Again, the new design makes it easier to manage.

3. Publish. This is where you get to push your content into the stream. When you use publisher, the content appears in your stream, on your profile, on your homepage and on your friends homepages. This is one I will have to try out a bit more once Facebook makes it live. You want to easily stream information to the groups you want.

4. Highlights occupy the right hand side of the page. This is sort of an agenda, notepad and photowall. I'm thinking this is where you are going to see more sponsored ads appear as Facebook tries make some money out of all those millions of users.

Overall the design makes a lot more sense than what was there before. TechCrunch thinks the design is cleaner.  Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg posted a long blog on the new design. 


So why the in-park home run? First off, a homepage redesign on a big site is a huge undertaking. Making a redesign that is actually cleaner and easier to understand is a big advance. Facebook's growth overtook its design and now they have caught up. Now if they can just get their privacy policy, revenue strategy and developer agenda figured out, they'll do even better.