Telecommuting: Is it for you?

By Douglas Schweitzer
February 22, 2008 6:55 AM EST
You'd think that with a majority of federal employees allowed to telework, most of those would do so. For some reason, more than one third of those employees know their agency's policies on teleworking though. Not only did they know they were permitted to work (some part-time, some even full-time) but when they did know they had the option, they weren't clear on the specific program policies.

I like to work from home whenever I can, although I'm not ready to ditch heading out to the office just yet. The number are encouraging for those of us who have to convince employers to adapt to telecommuting. On Monday, Tandberg Federal and Telework Exchange released results of a study they conducted and they note that individual federal employees on average would save $5,878 in commuting costs per year. Not to mention that they'll produce 9,060 fewer pounds of pollutants if they work outside of the office just three days a week.

If you want more information on the study results go to thjs article "Employees in the dark on telework policies". I'm not sure if those figures are the same for non-federal employees, but I can't see how they'd differ by much. I say that any savings whatsoever makes telecommuting a nice option - at least on a part-time basis.