Richi Jennings

Windows 8 is gold: Release date just days away

August 02, 2012 6:02 AM EDT

Windows 8 has gone gold, and the release date just days away -- unless you're a mere pleb, in which case you'll have to wait until October. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is crowing about reaching the release to manufacture (RTM) milestone. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers blog the Build 9200 hoopla.
Windows 8
By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Bagger 288 saves the world...
Gregg Keizer lists who gets it and when:

RTM is a major [milestone]...the completed code is ready to send to...hardware partners [and] outside developers.
Microsoft announced Windows 8's on-sale date as Oct. 26. ... Some users will have access to code months before. ... MSDN [users] will be able to download [it] starting Aug. 15. TechNet subscribers...that same day. ... Enterprises with current Software Assurance licensing plans...Aug. 16, as will members of the Microsoft Partner Network. ... Firms with volume licensing deals...can purchase [it] Sept. 1.
Others, including consumers who have installed the Windows 8 Release Preview, will have to wait.       M0RE

Iain Thomson adds one more:

Subscribers to the Microsoft Action Pack Subscriptions...scheme get their chance...on August 20.
Those interested in Windows Server 2012 [can get it] on September 4.
Microsoft is advising IT managers to start evaluating the code on Windows 7 machines...and to leave upgrading XP and Vista systems on the to-do list.       M0RE

And Steven Sinofsky's manic Microsoft team of ghost-writers gleefully write thuswise:

The Windows 8 team is proud to share with you that...we started PC OEM and manufacturing partners. ... Together we are bringing...a new PC experience that readies Windows PCs for a new world...while also preserving [your] 25-year investment in Windows software.
The openness of the previews presents a unique perspective on product development. ... Major changes have been made at each milestone...the final release (build 9200, for those tracking) contains many promised refinements. ... We will continue to monitor and act on your real world experiences with Windows 8.
[It] has literally thousands of new features. ... Some of the most exciting innovations with Windows 8 are yet to come. ... The opportunity for developers around the unique [to] Windows 8.
On behalf of the Windows 8 engineering team...THANK YOU!       M0RE

But Preston Gralla gets grumpy:

Windows 8 may [fail] unless Microsoft...subsidize[s] touch-enabled PCs.
Canalys Research...warns that..."users will only benefit fully...if they buy PCs with touch screens, which will significantly increase the purchase price"...[and] suggests that...Microsoft should bring down the subsidizing the manufacture of touch panels..."by $50 to $100 per unit, to kick-start the market."
Windows 8 works beautifully on touchscreen devices...but it feels awkward on traditional subsidizing sales of touchscreen PCs might be what Microsoft needs.       M0RE.

And John Morris seems profoundly depressed:

Microsoft seems to repeat mistakes don't they? ... Maybe they will have time to get Windows 9 right. ... They have offended their OEM partners with the Surface tablet...Developers with the knifing of Silverlight...and I'm not convinced customers are going to be all that happy.
The post Microsoft future looks like a grim world of sealed media consumption devices. ... Apple is a dark force of DRM and lockin. ... Google [is] fast getting in touch with their Evil side.       M0RE

However, Jennifer Goldsby thinks the haters are missing the point:

[It] runs better than Win7 (which is saying a lot given how much better 7 was than Vista). ... So for me it's worth it to upgrade but I suppose your mileage may vary.       M0RE

And Finally...
Bagger 288 saves the world