Wanna bet?

?Small company has a one-person IT department, and this pilot fish is it.

"My office was also the server room," fish says. "The upside was always being toasty warm and having line-of-sight to the servers and other networking equipment. This proved handy when somebody would call or run by my office to report that 'the server is down!'

"While occasionally things really did go wrong, 'the server is down' was a phrase that was generally used to get my attention for just about any technical issue."

As time goes on, though, that little crying-wolf diagnosis by end users gets old. Fortunately, fish comes up with a solution.

Just before one weekly all-company meeting, fish tells the CEO that he'd like a moment at the end for his own special IT announcement. Then he explains to the big boss what the announcement is -- and the CEO gives fish his OK.

When the rest of the announcements have been made, it's fish's turn. "I am implementing a new policy, effective immediately," he tells the employees. "Every time the server goes down, and you are the first person to alert me, I will give you $10."

There's happy murmuring from the crowd, until fish continues: "However, if you tell me the server is down and we find it is not, you will give me $10."

Reports fish: "The server was never down again. Ever."

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