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It's the early 1990s, and this pilot fish is working for the FAA. "Our manager was required to complete a quarterly program review, or QPR, a report that tallied our traffic count and workload for the last three months," fish says.

"Since I had time on the graveyard shift I was working, I came up with a neat little PC data entry and report database that would use daily entries and create the report."

Satisfied with his work, fish asks to see his boss about the QPR automation -- and he brings his database program along to the boss's office on a floppy disk.

He starts explaining that he has automated the QPR process, but the boss stops him. "We already have it automated," he tells fish.

Then he proceeds to show fish the newly "automated" QPR.

Sighs fish, "It was a WordPerfect document that his secretary filled out on her PC after manually adding up each day's traffic and workload with paper and pencil.

"I kept my thoughts to myself, since he was very pleased with his new 'automation' abilities."

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