The stereotypical IT guy is now a lonely psycho. Progress?

We've gone from Nick Burns to Mr. Robot and now this revenge-seeking maniac. But at least the new techies are handsome.

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Hey kids, let’s check out the official trailer for a new movie called “I.T.” Looks awesome, right?

Waitasecond! The IT guy in question is now a handsome, brooding young guy with some mental problems? Wait, he’s the bad guy? Noooooooooooooo!

For years, the depiction of the stereotypical IT guy has been one of the “nerdy guy that nobody wants to talk with”, or the obnoxious, know-it-all, “let me do this, you clearly don’t know tech” kind of person. See the following examples:
Saturday Night Live: Nick Burns, your company's IT Guy:


The IT Crowd:

But then something happened - geeks became cool, thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory and other geek-related culture phenomenons (like superhero movies, Comic-Con, etc.)

So now we’re seeing a shift where the IT guy (or hacker, like in the TV show Mr. Robot) is now a young, handsome, brooding loner, who likely has some mental stability issues.

As someone who enjoys tech, I’m not sure whether I like this development. I’m kind of past my young, brooding stage, although some would argue that I could qualify as a “person who could snap any minute” (just kidding, HR!).

At least the new IT guy (and hacker) are more handsome, so our image is improving from this guy:

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