Apple wants to tell you about these iOS 11 improvements

Apple wants every iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user to know about these iOS 11 improvements.

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Adam Patrick Murray

Now at its ninth public beta, Apple is expected to tell us when it plans to ship iOS 11 on or around Sept. 12 when it announces the next-generation of its iPhone family.

Apple's hand-picked selection of iOS 11 tips

In the run-up to the Apple Park launch of the new range, Apple has published a fresh collection of iOS 11 tips to both its tips app on iPhone and iPad, as well as to its online tips website.

This is quite new. Apple’s Tips site and apps usually provide only tips to help users on the current operating system. It may prove to be significant that these tips have been published just days prior to the launch of new devices.

It has certainly sparked expectation — particularly given the rate of beta releases — that the launch of iOS 11 may come sooner than we expect.

Many may think it reasonable to speculate that the tips the company has chosen to talk about represent some of the iOS 11 improvements it believes most of its customers will most want to use.

So, what are these improvements?

iOS improvements for iPhone users

  • Using the new Control Center, including the 3D touch and touch-and-hold tricks built into the new system. These let you access additional controls, such as setting flashlight intensity or choosing audio playback speakers.
  • The new Files app: A great and highly promising real file system for iOS, Files even integrates third-party file storage services such as Dropbox and Box.
  • Do Not Disturb while driving: This handy setting will stop you from making so much use of your iPhone while you are driving by preventing notifications and text messages when the OS detects you’re at the wheel.
  • The all-new Live Photo effects: Apple’s move to new image and video formats will unleash even more interesting Live Photo effects in future, I’m predicting. Meanwhile, you have new Loop and Bounce effects.
  • Apple Music personalization enhancements: The machine intelligence inside Apple Music will learn what you like, so you’ll get a decent listen by asking Siri to “Play something I like.”

iOS improvements for iPad users

  • Control Center, including the touch and hold controls.
  • The new Files app.
  • Access the Dock from anywhere: This explains how you can get to the Dock with a simple swipe up the screen and how recently used apps will be on the right. It also points out another powerful feature of this: apps that were recently opened on other devices will also be shown here, unleashing all manner of multi-device productivity.
  • Better multitasking: A short explanation of how to use Slide Over from the Dock to open two apps at once.
  • How to drag-and-drop text, photos and files to Mail, Messages and other apps: This clever feature even lets you choose multiple items to drop into an email in one batch.
  • How to make a Note with an Apple Pencil: This cool feature means that when you tap your iPad with your Apple Pencil, the Notes app immediately opens and you can just start writing and sketching.

Apple videos on iOS 11 improvements

These aren’t the only iOS 11 teasers Apple has published as release looms.

The company also recently published a range of videos that explain how to get the most out of various iOS 11 enhancements on an iPad.

These included Apple Pencil improvements, how to scan documents, how to use multitasking, and the many improvements to the App Store.

You can see them all in one place here.

These aren’t the only improvements you can look forward to in iOS 11. ARKit for augmented reality, much improved machine intelligence, more Siri enhancements, tagged files, and a flotilla of other improvements mean there’s lots to explore in the release, as this huge collection of 50-plus such enhancements shows.

However, as speculation as to what Apple is planning and the truth behind the creation of the tenth anniversary iPhone reaches its zenith, Apple’s message seems to be that it wants you to focus on what you want your devices to do and wants to help you achieve those needs as simply, and elegantly, as it can.

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