The iPhone X getting-started guide

You’ll be using all the new gestures and taking control of Face ID in no time at all thanks to this simple iPhone X user guide.

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Apple’s iPhone X appears to have struck a chord, meaning millions of new users will want to get to know everything they can about using the device. I’ve pulled together a series of articles to help you get started, just in time for the holidays.

Where’s the Home button?

One of the biggest changes in the new iPhone is the removal of the Home button. The existence of a Home (or equivalent) button has become standard on all smartphones, so getting used to life without it may take some time. The loss of the button also means iPhone X users must learn a variety of new gestures for tasks including app switching, you’ll find a good collection including the gestures you’ll need to use here.

Get to know Face ID

Apple’s facial biometrics system checks for user attention (if you are staring at it) every 30 seconds while in use. If it fails to recognize you for some reason you can make it try again by dragging the home indicator bar up a tiny bit and then down. You should find the system even works in the dark.

You can check out my guide to setting up and using Face ID to learn more about how it works. The TrueDepth camera system used in Face ID has even generated an all-new meme called Animoji Karaoke. You can find out more about this (and how to do it) here. Want to disable Face ID? Try these tips.

Where is Control Center?

To get to the Control Center you need to swipe down from the right top corner of the display – or swipe down from the top left corner to access Notifications. More information on using gestures is here.

Get Reachability

You activate this setting in Settings>Accessibility>Reachability. Once enabled the entire screen will slide down so you can more easily reach the top of that screen with one hand with a simple swipe down on the gesture bar. More Reachability tips.

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Stay safe

I’m optimistic that most existing iPhone users understand the need to maintain strong device security. This becomes more essential as these devices become more powerful – these days they are your mail, contacts, bank details, payment card and front door key, for example. With so much at stake the last thing you need to do is be lax in your device security. iPhone X users should take a moment to review some of the recommendations inside this iOS security guide.

Using Apple Pay Cash

One new feature for iPhone users in the U.S., Apple Pay Cash lets you give people money from within Messages. It’s incredibly easy to use once you’ve set Apple Pay up to work on your device, just follow the instructions in your Wallet that appear after you tap the Apple Pay Cash card. 

Solving iPhone X problems

In some rare cases, you may have problems using your device. Among the more frequently reported are low battery life, an unresponsive display, green lines on the screen and intermittent audio. Some of these have already been fixed through software updates, so do make sure that you are using the latest version of iOS on your device. In most cases you’ll be able to resolve any problems you do encounter using this simple guide.

More help?

If you need more advice, Apple has also published a range of tech support articles to help you both understand Face ID and to resolve any problems with the tech. The company has also released a variety of iPhone X ‘How-to’ videos to help new users quickly become familiar with the new user interface. Finally, you will find iPhone X-specific advice in Apple’s iPhone User Guide for iOS 11, which is available for free via the iBooks Store.

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