Throwback Thursday: Doing it the hard way

This software manager pilot fish works in the IT department of an engineering firm. "IT-challenged users sometimes bring their more vexing problems to me instead of the help desk," fish says.

So he's not surprised when one of the firm's purchasing agents approaches him sheepishly to ask for a lesson in attaching documents to emails.

It seems that several other employees have complained that the purchasing agent's attachments are practically useless. Fish asks him to explain exactly what he's been doing.

Turns out he's completely clueless about how to email his documents in their native formats. But he does know one thing: He can receive faxes in his email in-box.

"To email a document, he first printed it on a network printer," reports fish. "Then he walked over to the print room, picked up his hard copy, took it to a nearby fax machine and faxed it to himself.

"He then walked back to his desk and forwarded the incoming fax to the recipients.

"Barely able to keep a straight face, I taught him the fine art of file attachments. He showed his appreciation by taking me to lunch."

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