Smart, redefined

Healthcare IT vendor decides to improve its corporate IT help desk's productivity by rolling out a new approach to user support called Smart Help, reports a pilot fish on the receiving end.

"They called it 'a more flexible, efficient and innovative support experience' so users 'can do your job at your fullest potential,'" fish says.

"I'm a supervisor for a group of level 2 support engineers who work either from home or in an office with no onsite corporate IT help desk. Knowing that time is money, and time and money are lost when corporate laptops won't boot or updates pushed out by corporate IT prevent us from accessing the corporate network VPN, we've learned to pick up the phone and call the corporate IT help desk, as it's been the fastest way to get help under these circumstances.

"But in looking at the website for Smart Help, I noticed there's no telephone number to call for phone support if you're unable to get to the website.

"A search of the Smart Help knowledge base for 'help desk phone number' located over 50 articles, none of which contained a phone number for the Smart Help corporate IT help desk.

"This makes me wonder if Smart Help is truly a more flexible, efficient and innovative support experience for the corporate IT help desk to do their job at their fullest potential, now that they will no longer need to answer our phone calls for corporate IT help."

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