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Manager at this software vendor insists on having admin rights to every system, and she likes to set passwords that consist of the name of the company's flagship product, reports a pilot fish working there.

"She would use ourproductname1 -- or ourproductname1! if that didn't satisfy complexity requirements -- for production systems," fish says. "Sending her a copy of our organization's security requirements didn't seem to help.

"Thankfully, as our product matured, more and more of the older systems came offline and were replaced by me with newer systems and secure passwords.

"One fine morning I received a barrage of alerts that our SaaS product was down. Looking through the logs, I saw a multitude of authentication errors from attempted database connections.

"I began troubleshooting, but before I tracked down the root cause, it arrived in the form of a helpful message from my manager to the engineering staff.

"Seems she had logged into the production database's management console and changed the secure password to one that's both much more memorable and in line with our product branding."

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