Memory-Lane Monday: Hard copy

It’s a legacy system called a map.

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New guy on this IT team about a decade ago heads to a site two and a half hours away where he’s urgently needed to diagnose a failed server, reports a pilot fish at HQ.

But he’s back in half an hour with a problem: His satellite navigation system has failed.

“We got a road atlas and printed detailed instructions on how to get to the site and sent him out on his way again,” says fish.

But the guy can’t read maps. “An hour and a half later we got a call from him saying the instructions were no good. We asked him where he was.” They work out that he headed north, exactly opposite of the direction he should have taken, so he’s now four hours away from the site he’s suppose to be heading toward.

“We sent him back home,” says fish. “When he arrives back in the office tomorrow, we’ll be teaching him how to use the antique skill of reading maps — just in case his satellite navigation system fails again.”

To which Sharky can only say, aren’t you over-confident that he’s going to make it home?

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