16in macbook pro
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Review: Two weeks with a 16-inch MacBook Pro

It’s absolutely the most capable Apple notebook I’ve ever used

Android Security
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Android security checkup: 16 steps to a safer phone

Android security doesn't have to be a source of stress. These level-headed steps are all you need to keep the boogeyman at bay.

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Where the heck is CTRL-Z?


CSO  >  Digital identity  >  personal identity / recognition + access authentication / personal data

Reserve Bank governor pushes digital identity

Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe says a number of other nations are “well ahead” of Australia when it comes to the creation of portable digital identity services that can help address online payment fraud as well as...

5G mobile wireless network technology

Optus takes step towards dual-band 5G network

Optus says it is the first telco in the world to complete an end-to-end 5G data call using spectrum in the 2300MHz band.

Microsoft Windows security  >  Windows laptop + logo with binary lock and key

Microsoft to end updates to Windows 7's free AV software, Security Essentials

When support for Windows 7 ends on Jan. 14, Microsoft will also stop providing new malware signatures for its home-grown Security Essentials software.

Windows logo with padlocks
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Patch Tuesday alert! Protect your machine by pausing updates

If you’re running Win10 1903 or 1909, setting up a temporary patching pause is quick and easy. Other versions, not so much. Opt out of cannon-fodder mode with these simple steps.

iOS Files app
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How to use Google Drive on iPhone, iPad

Most iOS Files users rely on a range of different storage services, not just iCloud.

Microsoft > Teams [Office 365]

14 Microsoft Teams apps to help you work smarter

Microsoft Teams now has more active daily users than Slack and offers dozens of third-party tools to make it easier to collaborate without leaving the Teams interface. Here are 14 apps you need to consider.

Certification / Graduate silhouette surrounded by abstract technology and blockchain imagery.

For IT pros, adding blockchain skills can pad your paycheck – by a lot

Beefing up on skills around blockchain development, management or engineering can earn techies some big bucks above their current salary.


digital abstract financial numbers floating on screen

Government ditches data exchange platform for API standards

The government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) says that after testing the idea of building a data exchange platform it is instead pushing for the use of APIs to develop “better government interactions and data sharing”.

Electronic Health Records [EHR] / digital medical data, monitor health status, doctor, laptop

My Health Record chief quits

The chief executive of the agency charged with operating the national eHealth record system will depart in January 2020.

artificial intelligence ai ml machine learning abstract

Transparency key for government AI initiatives: Dominello

New South Wales customer service minister Victor Dominello says acceptance of government use of artificial intelligence (AI) will have to be built on what he describes as the “four pillars of trust”: Privacy, security, transparency...

Mozilla Firefox headquarters

What's in the latest Firefox update? Firefox 71 plays picture-in-picture catch-up

Firefox finally gets a picture-in-picture option for streaming video and continues to work toward release of its "Firefox Private Network" (FPN), which provides access to a VPN-like service.