Throwback Thursday: That WOULD explain it!

User's computer won't boot, so this support pilot fish begins his troubleshooting questions at the beginning -- which, it turns out, still isn't quite early enough.


Learning experience

These two college students have one final requirement to finish for their college degrees in computer programming: an internship to get some real-world IT experience.


Doing the math

Pilot fish is interviewing for an IT job when he learns that many of the company's top technical staffers are actually consultants -- and that seems a little odd.


Maybe he started out in APL and just never got over it?

This programmer starts his career at a state agency, but soon moves on to a job at a company in the record industry -- which turns out to be much more colorful.


Not the timesheet issue we were expecting

Pilot fish is new to IT consulting, and he does exactly what the senior consultant tells him to do. So why is he getting grief about how he fills out his timesheet?


Throwback Thursday: And thanks for the hard work!

Newly hired programmer writes a script to handle failover of a disk array automatically, and he works for weeks to make sure it really is automatic. Then what happens?


Your emergency isn't MY emergency

This data center's monitoring console is lit up like a Christmas tree when the staff arrives at work one morning -- but the power outage isn't their biggest problem.


It was history -- and now it's history. Help!

It's the mid-1990s, and this recording studio is about to do some work for a VIP client -- one who really needs the studio's best practices when it comes to data backups.


Upgrade, downgrade

This small government agency has its own "data center," with a handful of systems and a starvation budget -- but at least an air-conditioning upgrade is on the way.


OK, why is my PC so slow AGAIN?

IT support pilot fish at a research organization gets a call from a Ph.D. candidate who complains that her PC is slow. Turns out it's really not hard to see why.


It's a powerful machine, but not THAT powerful

It's a dark and stormy night when this IT pilot fish gets a call from an older customer with a departmental system -- and a fear that he has done some serious damage.


Little IT Shop of Horrors III: The eyes! The eyes!

Flashback to the mid-1960s, when the Control Data 6600 supercomputer is the fastest thing going -- and for programmers using it, the console has one very creepy feature.


Little IT Shop of Horrors II: Another fine mess

Pilot fish figures it's safe to store four pumpkins under the mainframe room's raised floor for a month before Halloween. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?


Little IT Shop of Horrors I: Ghost in the machine

It's the late 1970s, and this pilot fish's personal data center contains a massive, three-cubic-foot monster of a desktop computer that seems to have a mind of its own.


Well, do you trust 'em or don't you?

At this PC company, call center agents can see customer credit card numbers right on their screens. But a supervisor's approval PIN? That's a carefully guarded secret.


Throwback Thursday: Urgent, redefined

Pilot fish is on-call for the weekend but he wants to spend time with a friend, so he gets a co-worker to cover for him. That's fine -- until something urgent comes up.


Scope creep, redefined

Pilot fish is a couple months into his new job when he's given the task of "re-skinning" an existing e-commerce site for a client. How much work could that take?


What's missing from this picture?

Sysadmin is tapped to take over the lead on patching this company's Linux systems, but something he needs seems to be missing -- in fact, almost EVERYTHING is missing.


Wonder if they'll ever tell HIM what's going on...

IT pilot fish has been supporting a customer remotely through a VPN that's pretty solid -- except when it occasionally starts disconnecting him every 30 to 60 seconds.


Policies and paper trails -- our new best friends

This IT pilot fish helps users troubleshoot data problems in child-welfare investigations -- but all that sensitive information could put fish's welfare at risk, too.


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