Throwback Thursday: Shh! Don't tell!

In this company's IT department, they spell DBA G-O-D -- which wouldn't be such a problem if it didn't mean a new database-oriented application will run so S-L-O-W.


Top-level executive support, redefined

This multinational company needs a new call-center system for its US division -- but what it's got is a penny-pinching division president who wants to run the project.


Well, he was half-right -- it WAS plugged in...

Flashback to the late 1980s, when this IT pilot fish working for a large city's Board of Education gets a call about a green-screen terminal that has stopped working.



IT pilot fish at a maritime support company gets a call from a field employee whose laptop has been running slowly for some reason -- but he thinks he's found a solution.


Success at last!

This pilot fish changes jobs, moving from a small software company to a large state college -- and there's a bit of culture shock when it comes to basic equipment.


Throwback Thursday: Why comments were invented

IT gets request to provide employee data for the company-wide address book -- no big deal. But two years later, bosses get cell phones and it's time to change the code...


Well, it's secure, all right...

Small IT consultancy gets a contract with a very big company -- one that makes security a top priority. On Day 1, everything is fine. But Day 2 is a different story.


Smarter than you thought

Newly hired systems analyst doesn't really grasp systems, but she does knows how to throw lots of jargon around at managers -- and how to finesse an impossible situation.


And thanks so much for your input, boss!

It's 1999, but this IT department's big crisis isn't Y2k -- it's the Melissa virus, and all the teams are gathered to devise a plan for cleaning up the infection.


Clean, redefined

IT support pilot fish gets an instant message from one of the company's front-line techs, who has a customer on the line -- wanting to know how to clean his flash drive.


Throwback Thursday: Well, that explains it

There's a major system outage at this company, and it needs to be escalated at once to Support Team A. But there's just one problem...and another, and another, and...


Sure, go ahead and ask -- but don't tell

There's a significant data-loss incident at this small company, and once the lone IT pilot fish has restored the systems, he has one big question: How did this happen?


Technically, they only had to replace one part

IT consultant pilot fish works mostly with small and medium-size businesses, and some of them have very specific requirements -- such as "no equipment purchases."


But it's just a planet!

Flashback a decade or so to the days when this IT shop is setting some standards for how it will name new servers -- and what could be safer than names from astronomy?


'And the internet -- you've heard of that, right?'

IT pilot fish is working with a customer to set up a connection for secure file transfers, and it's not going well -- so the customer brings in a consultant to help out.


Throwback Thursday: Need to know? Yes!

New-hire IT pilot fish is assigned as contact person on a job that's already in progress. But the contact person on the other side isn't exactly the communicating type.


At least they didn't just unplug it to plug in the vacuum

It's the late 1960s, and refrigerator-size minicomputers are arriving at university computing centers. But the way-cheaper-than-mainframe machines do have a few issues.


'...And if we're using it, why do we need training?'

The company where this pilot fish works is acquired by a very big IT vendor -- and naturally that means there'll be some changes made. First on the agenda: email.


And we're guessing EVERYBODY is happier now

Annual performance review time at this company has come and gone, and one database admin who's at the bottom of the IT-shop pecking order has reached the end of his rope.


Those who can, do. Those who can't, have roommates.

Flashback to 1971, when this future IT pilot fish has one final assignment to finish in order to graduate: write a program to make change for a purchase from a $5 bill.


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