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Throwback Thursday: And they do this every month?

It's time to service this server room's air conditioning, and the AC vendor has sent a new team this month. So why does this pilot fish hear them screaming for help?

Whaddya mean, 'Isn't it backed up?'

It's the 1970s, and this student's grade depends on 5,000 mainframe punch cards in a tray, and the hands of the operator who will run the program. What could go wrong?

Throwback Thursday: Let us out of here!

Pilot fish gets an invite to fly to the corporate main office and meet the new CIO, as well as see the fancy new server lab -- but the tour doesn't go quite as planned.

Still a few bugs in this computing architecture

University is building its first computing center, but there's no good spot on campus. Obvious solution: Put it underground -- which comes with a less obvious problem.

Some things are better left unexplained

Large organization has a server-based application that sometimes just stops -- and soon it's happening on a daily basis. But the vendor says nobody else has the problem.

Sometimes it just takes the right question

This company has its systems set up so that any power outage will trigger an email that's sent to the support team. So why isn't one server reporting its outages?

Headless, redefined

Flashback to the 1980s, when CRT monitors are very big, and pricey enough to keep using even when they break -- which is a problem when a new hardware tech is hired.

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Tech Talk: The coding benefits of serverless computing

The panel talks about serverless systems, which spin up a snippet of code that runs on demand to perform a business operation. It's a step toward a more developer-friendly approach to code development.

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Mingis on Tech: 2018 – the year blockchain breaks out

Blockchain continues to evolve and grow, as more companies test it out. It's now seen as the heart of a new global shipping platform that could save companies billions of dollars and as the underpinning for a P2P cloud storage...

Those military guys always get the hot technology!

This defense contractor's classified IT project is located in an isolated hanger with a windowless, metal-lined computer room -- and what turns out to be a critical flaw.

Computerworld - Mingis on Tech - video podcast teaser [3x2/1800x1200]

Mingis on Tech: How networking will evolve in 2018

From Cisco's big plans for intent-based networking to SD-WAN, 5G and IoT, the networking industry is in the midst of big changes. Network World's Brandon Butler explains what's happening, and why.

Cause and effect

A vulnerability scan is running in this big data center when without warning the storage farm is suddenly knocked out -- so which gets priority, storage or security?

Law & Order: IT Victims Unit

Database admin at a state law-enforcement agency spends too much time dealing with an unruly database system -- until the day a uniformed officer drops by for a talk.

Throwback Thursday: IT is Murphy's world -- we just live in it

This data center's backup generator kicks in 12 seconds after the power goes out and can keep it all running for hours -- at least that's how it's SUPPOSED to work.

Definitely not something to make light of

IT contractor comes back from lunch one December afternoon to a corporate data center that looks abandoned and a computer operator in shock. What could have happened?

It's all about getting into the holiday spirit(s)

This outsourcer's mainframes have to run 24/7, and one computer operator pilot fish finds out just what that means when he's scheduled to work on Christmas Day.

DIY: IT's first three-letter acronym

For a factory automation project, this minicomputer needs more terminals -- and more serial ports to plug them into -- but there's no budget for doing it the "right" way.

Throwback Thursday: As long as you're in there...

Tight budgets at this company mean IT staff is in short supply and repairs are sometimes postponed longer than they should be -- which can end up having consequences.

Throwback Thursday: Circular filing

This company's email system has a 200 MB limit for mailboxes -- but not for the "deleted items" folder, which is why it's running out of space on a daily basis.

Disaster recovery, redefined

After a database server in this data center fails, the disaster recovery cluster is pressed into service as the production cluster -- and months later, it still is.

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