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abstract data flows / data streams
Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Please hold for Nice Barney

He always gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Memory-Lane Monday: So much savings!

Remember when somebody said this was a bad idea?

iot security startups hot planets rocket lock security

15 hot tech skills getting hotter -- no certification required

Employers are apt to invest more often in cash premiums for noncertified tech skills compared to certifications. Here are a few they’re coveting the most now and going forward.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: Slow down there, buddy

When you inherited that problem, did you think you were supposed to fix it?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Flashback Friday: Anything missing?

Or maybe she’s a one-name entity, like Cher.

Abstract blockchain concept  >  Blocks / nodes / connections / transactions

U.S. Air Force to pilot blockchain-based database for data sharing

The blockchain ledger will enable data ingest from legacy data systems and wikis as well as a native web application build platform

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Deep background

When I asked you if you had changed anything — oh, never mind!

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

It’s a small world after all

Lesson 1 was unexpected.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

¿Qué pasó?

I don’t think you can blame this one on island time.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Code blue

Would there be a code if there had been two recoveries?

SAP sign

SAPinsider Barcelona: User community focuses on move to S4/HANA

SAP users and experts from Europe and all over the world are meeting to discuss migrating to S/4HANA and the cloud.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

He heard you fine

Oh, before I leave, what’s GNU?

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

But isn’t that better than the actual goal?

Unclear on that whole ‘garbage in’ concept.

careers money

12 blockchain-related jobs to consider in 2020

Blockchain skills are increasingly being sought after for jobs connected to legacy IT systems.

Conceptual blockchain imagery.

7 blockchain mistakes and how to avoid them

The blockchain industry is still something of a wild west, with many cloud service offerings and a large universe of platforms that can vary greatly in their capabilities. So enterprises should beware jumping to conclusions about the...

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Oh yeah

If only we had met a day earlier.

blockchain cryptocurrency block secure currency by just super getty

Tax and finance execs show interest in blockchain, but see hurdles to adoption

Blockchain has the potential to eliminate routine tasks for finance and tax teams, but most back-office executives aren't even considering the technology, according to a KPMG survey.

Hope they sprang for gas money

Pilot fish makes a house call.

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