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Twitter terminates TweetDeck for Windows

Twitter today said it would halt updates to the Windows version of TweetDeck in four weeks.

Twitter looks to stem 'punch in the gut' of worker exodus

Facing a sinking stock price and some executive walkouts, Twitter is reportedly handing out big-time bonuses and additional stock to keep some employees on board.

ISIS group threatens Facebook and Twitter CEOs

Frustrated by social networks' efforts to keep them at bay, the terrorist group ISIS has made a direct threat against the CEOs of both Facebook and Twitter.

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Key execs depart a struggling Twitter

Twitter is facing the exits of key managers, even as the company struggles with flagging growth in its user base

Twitter is down

Twitter was down, but now it’s creaking back up again

Twitter was down, but it’s gradually recovering -- if you’re still not seeing it, please stop mashing the reload button; maybe go outside for a minute? Or there’s this other thing, called Google Plus. Who knows, you might like it...

Twitter state-sponsored hack

Oh noes: Twitter tells of “state actor” hack on tweeps (this is what you should know)

Some Twitter users may have been hacked by the government. Or “a” government—we don’t know which and Twitter isn’t saying. Not even Del Harvey, head of Twitter’s Trust & Safety team (pictured)...

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Social media addiction is a bigger problem than you think

Social networks are massively addictive -- by design -- which makes it really hard for users to break their online habits.

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Is relying on a single content platform like Facebook worth the cost?

If you’re a website that wants to be “audience-first,” does exclusively distributing your content on a platform like Facebook Instant Articles make sense for your readers?

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Clock is ticking for Dorsey as Twitter's earnings fail to impress

Twitter's earnings call on Tuesday didn't go quite as investors might have hoped. That can't be good news for Jack Dorsey, who recently took over – again -- as the struggling social media company's CEO.

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Twitter apologizes to, tries to woo back, developers

Twitter's new CEO took to the stage at the company's developer conference today and basically asked programmers for forgiveness.

Omid Kordestani Twitter Google

Twitter taps ex-Googler Kordestani as executive chairman

Omid Kordestani, who until recently was Google’s chief business officer, is now executive chairman of Twitter.

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Twitter cuts engineering team, lays off one in 12 employees

Twitter will lay off up to one in 12 employees as it streamlines its product roadmap, new CEO Jack Dorsey told his workforce on Tuesday.

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Would Twitter layoffs be smart move or bad sign?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn't wasting any time making major changes in what appears to be an attempt to make the social network profitable. News reports say that Dorsey is getting ready to cut costs by reducing headcount and halting...

5 things that Twitter's CEO needs to do now

Jack Dorsey is back as CEO at Twitter. So what should Twitter's CEO focus on? Analysts take on what they generally agree should be his top five tasks.


How to turn Twitter into a bigger, bolder, and better company

Twitter is now under new leadership. Jack Dorsey has returned. Now the hard work begins: Making the service a mainstream notification system.

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Why one data scientist thinks Facebook is adding a dislike button

A "like" on Facebook is not a strong enough signal for purchase intent, explains Certona CTO Geoffrey Hueter.

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Instagram surges past Twitter to become 2nd biggest social network

Instagram hit a milestone this week, logging more than 400 million monthly users, solidly surpassing rival Twitter.

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Twitter shutdown of apps for deleted tweets could give politicians new control

By effectively shutting down apps that showed politicians' deleted tweets, Twitter is giving politicians more control over public speech, and at the cost of transparency, some digital media experts said.

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Google now displaying tweets in desktop search

A partnership between Google and Twitter that began displaying tweets in Google search results on mobile devices has been expanded to the desktop.

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How Facebook, Apple and Twitter are ending online equality

Social network users used to be equal. But now three of the biggest tech companies are deliberately creating a new elitism.

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