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11 essential hacking terms, defined

Savvy IT professionals know that their networks and security are under a constant barrage of cyberattacks.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report : Understanding the Factors that Drive Performance

For the second year in a row, Beagle Research and Copado collaborated to better understand the challenges of innovating on the Salesforce platform.

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3 Ways AI and Machine Learning Can Transform Public Agencies

Over the past decade, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have moved from the realm of science fiction into the corporate and governmental mainstream.

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5 Reasons your organization needs a business continuity plan

Organizations often underestimate the importance of a business continuity plan. No one ever notices its absence – until disaster strikes. By then, it’s too late.

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Adding Value and Empowering Users - 5 Best Practices for App Development

Whether your legacy application is bogging down processes, too expensive to maintain, or no longer satisfying the end user, you know it’s time for an upgrade.

White Paper | Presented by Ricoh

Addressing Business Continuity amid Growing Ransomware Threats

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about the growing threat of cyberattacks, which target employees’ personal identifiable information, customer data, financial data, and other critical business information.

A Deep Dive on Hybrid Cloud Security

In this video webcast, you will learn about a new platform that defends against cloud threats and vulnerabilities by converging cloud security posture management for public cloud infrastructure and cloud workload protection platforms to protect workloads, including virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Salesforce

AI Testing and DevOps: How to Optimize Test Automation

Did you know — poor software quality cost US companies over $2 trillion in 2020? Leverage the AI-powered insights of Copado Robotic Testing to accelerate your software lifecycle without sacrificing quality.

An ROI-Based Approach to Digital Transformation

By automating project creation using FinancialForce, Salesforce improved utilization, project margins, and visibility into project profitability—saving considerable time and resources.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Red Hat

A thought-provoking conversation with Tom Davenport on how to fuel and navigate organizational change

Integrating digital technology into all areas of a business is an ongoing process of changing the way you do business.

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