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IDC Analyst Brief: The Security and Compliance Benefits of IaaS for Financial Services

As financial services organizations look to shift more workloads to public cloud, meeting security and compliance requirements is a key concern.

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11 essential hacking terms, defined

Savvy IT professionals know that their networks and security are under a constant barrage of cyberattacks.

White Paper | Presented by Ricoh

Addressing Business Continuity amid Growing Ransomware Threats

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about the growing threat of cyberattacks, which target employees’ personal identifiable information, customer data, financial data, and other critical business information.

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Cybersecurity EO - Essential Insight for Agency Implementation

Federal staff are under increasing pressure to modernize their security operations, fortify networks, and apply available expertise to become more informed and prepared for the next cyber attack.

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Ransomware, Containment, and Isolation eBook

With ransomware attacks on organizations increasing 7-fold between the first and second half of 2020, it’s getting ever more important for public and private organizations to prepare themselves.

White Paper | Presented by HYAS Infosec

Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Healthcare Compliance

Approaching compliance implementation and the management of cyber risk as separate initiatives actually makes the overall process and implementation more complex and challenging.

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7 Questions You MUST Ask Your Cloud Security Vendor

Vendor claims can make it difficult for defenders to separate fact from fiction.

White Paper | Presented by Orca Security

Cloud Security is a Team Sport

This report touches on several different areas of cloud security, focusing specifically on customer efforts around securing their cloud infrastructure.

White Paper | Presented by Orca Security

Cloud Security that Actually Works

Learn about a radical new, zero-touch approach to cloud security that eliminates the cost, organizational friction, and performance impact associated with traditional solutions.

CNAPP Report: Innovation Insight for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

Read the Gartner® report to learn how a single SaaS platform can simplify and streamline the detection and prioritization of critical security risks across your cloud estate.

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