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White Paper | Presented by Techwave

Accelerate your application modernization with Techwave and AWS

Techwave can help you drive greater business value on the cloud

White Paper | Presented by Techwave

Deliver greater business value for your customers with Techwave and AWS

Enterprise Cloud Adoption with two different approaches: New Cloud Integration or Existing Data Migration. New Cloud integration portrays a new path of development, while the second approach provides various flexibility in new projects.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Techwave

Future-Proof Your Business with an SAP Strategy on AWS

Running SAP applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables your business to be more agile, cost-effective, and secure than it is running SAP onpremises. Moreover, the breadth and depth of services from AWS and Techwave provide traditional and emerging technologies to help you better support your evolving business needs and drive new value from SAP workloads.

White Paper | Presented by Techwave

Leverage the Power of SAP HANA with Techwave and AWS

Techwave empowers you to migrate your existing SAP workloads to the cloud quickly and securely

White Paper | Presented by Techwave

Modernize your approach to application development with Techwave and AWS

Read more to learn how you can modernize your approach to Application Development with Techwave and AWS.

Building an Effective and Extensible Data & Analytics Operating Model

To keep pace with ever-present business and technology change and challenges, organizations need operating models built with a strong data and analytics foundation. Here’s how your organization can build one, incorporating a range of key components and best practices to quickly realize business objectives.

Utility Versus Fully Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

From the one-person office, to the largest enterprise and anywhere in between, every company has information that needs to be managed, backed-up, and stored.

Tencent Cloud: A Guide

Multinational corporations considering expansion into Chinese markets need a strong local cloud provider to guide them through the process. There are only a few native cloud providers in China that have the technical sophistication, sweeping infrastructure, advanced service offering and international expertise needed to help foreign enterprises navigate the complexities of the Chinese internet landscape. Tencent Cloud stands out as one of the foremost of these providers.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Mesosphere

D2iQ: Your Partner In the Cloud Native Journey

Today’s enterprise organizations have an unprecedented need for speed when it comes to selecting and deploying cloud native open source technologies.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Druva

Data Governance for the Cloud Era

Join us as we explore these issues with Vasu Subbiah, Director of Product Management at Druva.

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